Welcome to BACKSTAGE BALTIMORE, a review site for local Baltimore theatre, local theatre in the vicinity of Baltimore, and other artsy events!
Snapchat-3605614842304411368I’m Jason Crawford Samios-Uy and have been involved in Baltimore theatre for over 20 years, give or take a year, both on the performance and production side. Theatre has has always been a passion and I love talking about it to friends and family (much to their dismay, at times) so I figured I can take that energy and put into reviews to, hopefully, help you in making decisions on what to see in the Baltimore area, as well as shows in the vicinity.
Personally, I think you should get out to see each and every show that pops up, but, we do have those things called “real lives” where we have families that need attention, jobs that require time, and other commitments and responsibilities so, sometimes there’s no time for to whisk off to a theatre for an hour or two but… when there is. It’s magical. There’s nothing like a dark theatre and bright stage with folks putting on a show with all their hearts and soul and taking you away to another place for just awhile.
I vow to be fair, honest, and thoughtful with my reviews and there may be shows I don’t like, but remember… I’m just one reviewer! As a performer and director, I’ve had my share of criticizing reviews and some plain mean reviews, but as a performer and director I couldn’t let it dissuade me from giving 100% effort and if you are a performer or director, you should do the same! If you’re just a theatre patron, don’t take any review to heart and GO TO THE SHOW to form your own opinion! Though I like to believe I have a firm knowledge of theatre and experience both on and off stage, see these shows for yourself! I’m hoping you use these reviews as a guide, but not a final word of any production… only you can give that for yourself!
So, I hope you’ll find these reviews useful and if you have anything to add, please do so! I like an open dialogue when it comes to theatre, even though I can go on for hours about it!